Welcome to my personal website!


I am Mustapha Sakka, a software engineer.

My main interests are SI management, enterprises activities and web development & tools. I have also a great passion for social media and technological actualities.

Having the desire to improve my computer science background, I am curious to learn new skills and share my knowledge with other people.

Currently, I am working as a responsible for a web project based on agile methodology. This responsibility is a great chance for me to improve my technical skills as well as my communication abilities.

I am convinced that the world of computer science is amazing and highly motivating. It always encourages me to work hard, discover new technologies and especially be a positive actor. That’s why, for a long time, I had a strong desire to design my own blog. This website is for me a special opportunity to innovate, share and progress.

To contact me, please fill in the form in my contact page or join me in social media. I am very open to any suggestion or improvement idea you may have.


Mustapha Sakka